About Karen Wennerlind

Karen Wennerlind is a Certified Astrological Professional (CAP). For over 20 years she has combined her knowledge of astrology, myth, metaphysics and mediumship to create her unique approach.

Karen has spent the last 17 years as a self-employed business owner. She totally understands the challenges and resource needs of her fellow small business owners. Her company provides accounting and other business expertise to small businesses. Her experience working with fellow professionals in the property, liability and medical insurance industries, taxing agencies, and in the legal arena has helped many small businesses find the tools they need at the time they need them. As a specialist in transitions, Karen especially enjoys the company start-up process, goal setting, training and company development.

Spending 40 years in the small business world, supporting financial, architectural and construction, gave Karen a desire to combine both her business and Astrology skills. As a Business Astrologer, she works with her clients to assess each company's current business cycles, development patterns, and works with business timing for hiring, new product introduction and advertising, among others. She especially likes to work with sales and marketing professionals for timing marketing initiatives, workgroup analysis and company transitions.

Karen is an active member of the Washington State Astrology Association, serving over the years as its President, Treasurer, and Vice President. She has served as Treasurer on the board of Kepler College. Karen also served as Board Secretary at Camp Edgewood, National Spiritualist Association of Churches.