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Id like to remind you who you really are you are an immortal soul, in service to the Source of All. Temporarily, you have taken on a body. This body, yes, the one you are reading this with. You may have forgotten who you really are, but there is this odd compulsion to serve Loving Truth where ever you find it. And you do find it, it is in the living force all around you.

Life is a dynamic process. It flows. Then skips and bounces. It can move so fast, and then, nothing. Creativity, experimentation and learning are some of the elements of a vibrant life. Just as boredom, exclusion and fundamentalism are some of the elements of a stagnant life. Fortunately, in Earth School, we have to ability to make choices. Pretty amazing choice is.

Choice places experience in our path. Choice is our reaction to those experiences. There are tools to help make more life affirming and wide awake choices. My journey and this site are all about playing, with eyes wide open, with discovery, honesty, a bit of sarcasm and wonder.

Life is Good. Lets Play!


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